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Wax Pottery® Fragrance Descriptions

* New Fragrances

AMERICAN BAYBERRY: Woodsy & fresh! Blended cedar wood, oak moss & earthy bayberries.

APPLE BRANDY: Distilled apple cider dusted with cinnamon spice & a twist of citrus.

BITTERSWEET: Warm amber, musk & sycamore wood blend with earthy sage.

BREATHE DEEP!: Inhale the calming and relaxing essences of Eucalyptus and Spearmint.

BUTTERFLY GARDEN: Fresh meadow herbs blend with aromas of cedar wood & lemon grass.

CHERRY BLOSSOM: Sweet notes of apple & cherry meld with a hint of sandalwood & vanilla musk.

CINNAMON BARK: Cinnamon & cloves crushed into a woodsy green base of balsam & fir.

COLD BREWED COFFEE & CREAM: Wake up! Robust and rich with none of the bitterness, fresh coffee with a hint of sweet cream.

CRANBERRY SPICE: Fruity ripe cranberries blend with spicy cinnamon & cloves.

EVERGREEN: Juniper, pine, balsam & fir softened with a touch of cedar wood.

FIRST FROST: Earthy fragrance of sage leaves blended with cold fresh air. Frost on the herb bed.

FREEDOM: Mom’s apple pie. Fresh baked crust over notes of apple, cinnamon, & sweet brown sugar.

GARDEN VANILLA: Sweet creamy vanilla over soft floral notes of lily & rose.

GARDENIA WATER LILY: Fresh gardenia blossoms blend with water lily, white jasmine & leafy green fern.

GEORGIA PEACH BLOSSOM: Fresh cut peaches with a hint of jasmine & an undertone of musk.

HABERSHAM SAGE: White sage & purple basil blend with aromas of rosemary & thyme.

HARVEST HOME: Spicy cinnamon, clove & nutmeg blend with a touch of sweet vanilla musk.

HONEYSUCKLE VINE: Heady fragrance of sweet Honeysuckle blooms grounded with a hint of leafy green.

HYDRANGEA: Hydrangea blossom, carnation & rose blend with a sweet bouquet of meadow wildflowers.

INDIGO AMBER: Worn leather with a note of tobacco blended with bergamot and warm amber.

*INDIGO CHILD: Playful & Fresh! Fruited notes of Pineapple, Citrus & Sunshine.

ISLAND CORAL: Lush fruity notes of pineapple & mango blend with a touch of creamy coconut.

*LADY BOSS: Powerful Rich & Exotic! Notes of White Amber & Orchid.

LAVENDER AND CHAMOMILE: Calming infusion of French lavender & sweet chamomile blend with a touch of citrus & clove.

LILAC BLOSSOM: Heady lilac blossoms blend with a touch of spice & leafy green note.

MAGNOLIA: Heady scent of fresh magnolia blossom infused with a hint of lemon zest.

MAHOGANY APPLE: Fruity notes of apples & pears blend with earthy vetiver grass, oak moss & patchouli.

MOONLIGHT AT MIDNIGHT: Notes of black pepper, leather, tobacco and gin meld subtly in this lush concoction.

OH SNAP! GINGER: Fresh from the oven, spicy and sweet just baked ginger bread cookies.

"OLD VINE" RED: Rich & full bodied; red grape accord, pomegranate & citrus notes blend with a touch of warm amber.

"OLD VINE" WHITE: Fruity vineyard grapes & juicy pears blend with a soft oak barrel accord.

ORANGE VANILLA: Perfectly blended notes of zesty orange and Tahitian vanilla.

SAND DUNE: Watery Citrus notes blended with wet sand and driftwood grounded with a note of amber and musk. An invigorating walk through the dunes.

SEASCAPE: Ozone, sea salt & water musk blend with a touch of lavender & orange flower.

SPARKLING WINTER MINT: Sweet mint candies dusted with a touch of creamy vanilla snow.

SUNFLOWER LEMON VANILLA: Sun warmed lemon slices blend with a soft touch of creamy vanilla.

SWEET TEA & LEMON: Fragrant lemon twists into sugary sweet tea, anytime refresher.

TOBACCO ROAD: Smoky sweet scent of pipe tobacco blended with amber gold drops of honey.

WAY DOWN SOUTH (Clean Cotton): Freshness of cotton dried on a sun drenched line blends with a note of leafy green & light amber.

WHITE SAND & SEA SALT: Sun warmed sands & a mist of sea salt air blend with a watery moss & breezy musk.

YULE LOG: Spicy notes of cinnamon blended with a touch of wood smoke. Gather around the fire for a holiday tradition.


Deoessence® Wax Pottery®  Fragrance Descriptions

DEOESSENCE® ECO AIRE: Odor neutralizing AIR CARE for your home! Cleans up unpleasant smells and leaves the fragrance of fresh mountain air.

DEOESSENCE® SPARKLING HERB: Odor neutralizing AIR CARE for your home! Cleans up unpleasant smells and leaves the fragrance of sparkling fresh herbs.

DEOESSENCE® SWEET GOGI BERRY: Odor neutralizing AIR CARE for your home! Cleans up unpleasant smells and leaves the fragrance of sweet earthy gogi berries.

DEOESSENCE® WOODLAND FRESH: Odor neutralizing AIR CARE for your home! Cleans up unpleasant smells and leaves the fresh scent of a walk in the woods.


Habersham GEO Fragrance Descriptions

*BLUE AGAVE: Citrus Green Floral: Mexican lime with a twist of orange zest over fresh greens sweetened with a hint of agave nectar.

*CACTUS WATER: Aqueous, Green, Floral: Prickly pear water infused with a hint of night blooming jasmine grounded with a desert air accord.

*MOJAVE MATCHA: Green Aqueous Tea: A hint of mint stirred into Matcha Green Tea grounded with dry moss and clary sage. Have a cup.

*PRICKLY PEAR & ALOE: Fruity Floral Green: Prickly pear fruit with a slice of apple blended with Lily of the Valley and Egyptian aloe.

*SAGE BRUSH: Fresh Green Herbal: Notes of purple sage brush and sweet basil blended with rosemary and thyme. Tumbling Tumble Weed.

*SAND STORM: Woody Spicy Ambery: Rich scent of smoky woods and bourbon vanilla blended perfectly with a hint of pepper and clove buds grounded with warm amber.

*COTTON GIN: Clean Linens: Fresh scent of cotton dried on a sun drenched line blended with a note of leafy green & light amber.

*FROSTED PINE CONE: Woodsy & Fresh: Notes of juniper, pine, balsam & fir softened with a touch of cedar wood.


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